ASA provides capability for both the administrators and the nurses/caregivers to update individual availability schedules. Once a change is made to the availability of an individual, all authorized personnel will see the change immediately. There are three versions of the schedule and availability screens: Availability by itself, work schedule by itself and a combination of both. Hard copies can be made if desired.

Management can set parameters as to when changes by the care giver can be made. For example, management can set a parameter of 7 days and the only way a caregiver can affect a change in the next 7 days is to contact management and have them make the change, (this is done to avoid surprises for the scheduler). The caregiver can change his/her availability for days beyond 7 unless they are already scheduled for the day that they are trying to change. The number that management can set for this function is from 0 to 21 days out.

Mouse over function displays additional information about the work assignment in the combination work and availability schedule.



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Knowing the availability of your caregivers lets you respond immediately to requests rather than having to call a facility back or play phone tag trying to get the assignment filled or finding out that in the mean time the shift was booked by your competitor.