After approval of time slips, approved hours are calculated for the charges to be billed to your client and ready for preliminary invoicing. This means you can still make decisions on whether or not to include all shifts worked, or just selective shifts at this time. You can invoice for a single shift as soon as the time slip has been approved or you can decide to invoice all the unbilled shifts. After reviewing the preliminary invoice, you can finalize the invoice and print hard copies for mailing or electronic billing via email.

Each invoice is grouped and subtotaled by unit, shift, date, individual and cost of shift with a final total at the end. You can also add your custom messages to the bottom of the invoice. All invoice history is kept forever in a secured file and invoices can be retrieved when needed.




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Not only can you save postage by emailing invoices, but you can also retrieve any invoice previously created and resend it immediately should the client tell you they never received it or lost it. Why wait several days for the post office to deliver a reprinted invoice?