Needs Matching:

There are several ways of scheduling in this system that gives you the flexibility to specifically schedule a qualified individual or let the system automatically determine who is most qualified to fill the work order and rank them in sequence by most likely to fill the need. Criteria for selection take such items into consideration as:

Valid license, no violations or expiration of health requirements, type of license matches need such as RN, LVN or other, availability of individual, travel distance does not exceed limits set by caregiver, no conflicts with other jobs, shift matches caregiver’s desired work hours and more.

System has built in logic checking that makes sure that all requirements are covered before scheduler leaves the screen, (may have scheduled 3 of 4 positions and tried to exit screen with one unassigned opening).

Open positions can be entered into the system and filled by a matching function at a later time.

System tracks individual that did the scheduling as well as date and time schedule generated.


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Why rely on spreadsheets to try and match and schedule your staff when the system does this automatically within seconds. Think about how much time you can save by not having to constantly update spreadsheet or other tracking mechanisms. All this time saved can be used more productively to grow your business.