Payroll Forecasting:

Unlimited rates are available for each caregiver and the system knows and calculates the correct amount for the work being completed at each unit of each facility. Included in the pay calculation is consideration for any shift differentials, overtime, holiday pay, special incentives such as bonuses for achieved shifts/hours completed, mileage reimbursement and others. All pay data is kept forever and can be retrieved at any time. The data can be interfaced to any system that has an import feature and we can interface to that system with the necessary format.

Another option is to use a web based payroll system of a company we have an alliance with for interfacing to their payroll system at an extremely reasonable rate.Often you need to know how much cash you have to have available to be able to pay your people.  We provide a pay forecast projection for the next two weeks so you won’t be surprised when it comes to preparing cash requirements.  The system calculates the pay for individuals scheduled by week.  The report reflects day-by-day, the cash needed to pay the personnel should the shift be completed.


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The system automatically generates payroll that doesn’t forget to include earned bonuses, mileage reimbursement, shift premiums, overtime and other scheduled commissions. How much time can that save your organization?