Status Reporting:

There are different status reporting mechanisms available in the system. One is the Caregiver Dashboard. This shows the status of several conditions about every caregiver at any point in time. It will alert you to any violations regarding expired licenses, health requirement, missing availability and alert to you to who is going to be working shifts in less than 36 hours. It also indicates who needs to be called within a specified period of time before a shift begins as to confirmation or cancellation of a shift. The categories are color coded so they progress from yellow, to orange to red, the closer it gets to a violation.  When violations occur, the system will not automatically schedule a caregiver until the violation has been taken care of.

Even the caregiver is warned and notified of violations when she/he logs onto their personal screen to check or update a variety of different information.



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This system protects your company from inadvertently sending someone to work at a facility when there is a health or license violation or the person being sent has been DNR’d at that facility. What is the cost of losing one of your clients because someone was not paying attention? It could be the difference between profit and loss for your company.