Time Slip Management:

For every shift completed, time slip entries are generated in the system to await approved time entry. There are several ways to enter time slips.  When the approved hours are entered, comments can be added if needed and will stay with the time slip.

One way is to wait for the signed paper time slip with both the employee’s time and the supervisor’s approval signature. Enter the time worked and then click enter which causes the system to create an invoice transaction and an employee payroll transaction.

Another way is to authorize the client to enter approved hours electronically by signing on the system with the authorization code you provided them, and they can then approve the hours worked. The same with the employee or you can do a combination of both.



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Imagine having to go back two or more years to get a time slip, pay slip for any reason. Instead of digging thru files and piles of documents, you just enter a range and name, click the button and the documents are presented in seconds. The time and cost of research are eliminated!