Being 100% web based means:

You can run your business from anywhere you have access to the Internet world wide with availability when you need or want it with this medical staffing software.

No more lost documents or misplaced information when it’s needed at a critical time.

No special hardware to purchase and no software to load and constantly update.

Information kept in a secured environment and backed up frequently on a daily basis.

Monitors license expirations, health requirements 24 hours a day every day of the year. This protects your company from sending your employees to work some place with expired or improper credentials.

No limits on number of individuals you allow to access the system. Furthermore, we also do not charge you for this capability like others do.

Before you commit to some long term contract and hefty charges, check us out as we don’t require a contract and you only pay for what you use each month. Others get a fixed amount even if you don't make money.


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This system never takes a day off, doesn’t complain, is there with the information you want when you want it, goes with you where ever you go and doesn’t take up space in the car or plane. The ASA system is ready to serve you where ever you have access to the Internet.