ASA, (Agency Staffing Assistant), the portable paperless office

What is ASA (Agency Staffing Assistant)? 
ASA is a 100% Web-based scheduling and management tool that allows you to operate your company from anywhere there is access to the Internet. When your business needs attention, you don’t have to be in the office to know what’s going on or to take advantage of opportunities and react to situations that can prevent problems before they occur. From on-line employment applications to scheduling to invoicing your clients, ASA automates every step along the way.

How can ASA help my business?  
ASA was developed to accommodate the specific needs of Per Diem (PRN), Travel Assignment (Long-Term), Pharmacy staffing agencies, Private Pay Home Health and just about any type of health care staffing agency. Being table driven, many different types can easily be supported. We have built a system that is geared to simplify your business operation and afford you more time to grow your business and your profits.

How does ASA help run my business more efficient and profitably? 
By not having to look for files left on someone’s desk, ASA gives you access to important information where ever you have access to the Internet, any updates or changes are available to all authorized personnel instantaneously. System is available 24/7 365 days a year. System makes sure that only qualified personnel are allowed to represent your company and much more. By not having to pay a fixed cost each month, but instead paying only for services that you use. In other words, if you don’t make money, we don’t make money either.

How does ASA work? 
GLCARE’S ASA being a 100% Web-based solution, means you run your business with a standard web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher) and a connection to the Internet. ASA runs on computers web browsers so there is nothing to install on company or personal computers. Just connect to the Internet, open up your browser and type in your company’s web site, (if you don’t have one, we’ll build one customized to your needs), log on to your secured ASA application and presto, you’re at work making money!

Can I start with a small company and grow it large with the same system? Whether you are a startup company or a large multi-location company, ASA can easily accommodate both and everything in between. There is unlimited space and our system allows for an unlimited number of users who can access the system without having to pay extra, it’s that simple.

What’s needed to run ASA? Just a computer or device that can enter data, and run a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. The hardware or operating system doesn’t matter.

What happens when new and improved features and functions become available? When we add new functions and features, they become immediately available to you. There are no special things you have to do other than what you would be normally doing.

What about training, how is it done? We can come to your office at a scheduled date or schedule incremental training over the Internet via web casts such as GOTOMEETING.COM. Since costs are always important, we let you schedule times convenient for your personnel to be trained in increments as small as ½ hour. Any number of people may attend the training and there is no additional charge.

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Who has access to the system? Someone you appoint in your company can grant and disable access to the system in a matter of seconds. If someone quits, just log on with proper credentials and disable them. If ever you want to re-instate them in the future, you can do that also. There is no limit to the number of users that you can authorize to have access to the system and never a charge for adding more.

Can you provide mass mailing or selective mailing including attachments? Yes, you can send reports, forms and other documents to either clients or employees..

Does your system integrate with other applications? 
Yes. Any and all data in ASA can be retrieved and formatted to integrate into other applications your organization may be using for billing, payroll, .etc..

Do you have reports that can be printed? 
Yes. ASA has several reports that can be generated and printed or emailed on demand. Also, if you need a special report and the data is in the system, we can quickly generate a custom report for you to run whenever you need it. Such development is usually made free of charge since it can benefit all our customers.

If I have files with information in them, can they be loaded into ASA? 
Yes. If they are in files such as txt, (comma or tab delimited), Excel or Access files, we will be able to populate ASA files with that data.

What protection of the data files exists? 
All files and databases are backed up daily by our host and are in a secured environment. We also perform 2 daily backups of all databases.The building that houses the servers managing the databases are in buildings that can withstand adverse situations. They have backup generators should there be a power outage. Also there is a second location for operations should something happen to the primary site that could not immediately be repaired.

How do I contact Technical Support? 
We are available to respond to your needs or problems 7 days per week with assistance or recommendations. We do not charge for this support and assistance. You can contact the Technical Support Team at any time by clicking on support from your application, completing the form and then submitting the request or problem to us. Support by phone is available from 7:00am to 7:00pm CST.

What kind of security is used at GLCARE? 
ASA utilizes Secure Socket Layer technology. When you access your site using Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6.0 or higher, and log on to ASA using your ID and Password, you will be granted access. Only the individuals authorized by your company can have access to your company’s information. With ultimate authority, you will be allowed to grant and take away permissions for access to your company information. ASA provides roles that give access to the parts of the system necessary to perform certain functions. For example a scheduler would have access to caregivers’ information, clients requests, bookings, but not to billing or payroll. Caregivers can be granted access to ASA. They can only view information pertaining to them.

Does ASA use cookies?
ASA (Agency Staffing Assistant), provides each user in your organization with a unique username and password that must be entered each time he/she logs on. ASA is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technology to prevent interference or access from outside intruders. Passwords are encrypted before being stored in ASA. The algorithm used prevents anyone to decrypt them and find the original password.

Does ASA use my files or information for any purposes? 
No General Life Care, Inc., ASA will not share, distribute, print or reference any such information except as needed to calculate usage for billing purposes, or as may be required by law. Individual records may at times be viewed or accessed for the purposes of problem solving or support issue. Be cognizant of the fact that your personnel are responsible for maintaining the integrity of their user IDs and passwords. 

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