Hospital Staffing Assistant:

HSA, (Hospital Staffing Assistant), is a customizable scheduling system that can be run with access to the internet or loaded onto the in-house server at the hospital.

This system can be administered centrally or by facility within the hospital/nursing home or similar environment.

Being able to know the status of each employee and their availability at all times helps to keep costs down in several ways. If someone calls in sick or for some other reason, the system will immediately be able to record that absence and make a determination as to whether that causes a critical void in coverage or not. It can also make recommendations for qualified replacements and incorporate hospital rules limiting overtime, vacation requests and any other policies that require monitoring or enforcement. Being able to reassign qualified  personnel from a non-critical coverage area to fill a vacancy in a critical area can be done without using costly outside sources to fill a critical vacancy.

Once a schedule is planned, it can be made available to everyone. It can be updated and changed at anytime and all modifications are instantaneously made available to everyone.

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