PSA (Physician Scheduling Assistant):

A flexible scheduling system that dynamically updates schedules for both physicians and hospitals/clients. Physicians can check / view their work schedules via the Internet. Authorized hospitals can also view scheduled physicians calendar.
With dynamic scheduling, shifts can be split, merged and modified. Replacements can be identified and scheduled in the event of cancellations. Hourly rates can be changed to accommodate replacements at different rates at any time prior to pay period close.
Billing and a payroll interface are included. Client billing can occur upon demand and can accommodate both employee and 1099 physicians.
Monitoring of each physician’s health and credentialing requirements occurs and a current status is available at all times.
Time reporting can be done via time slips, via electronic approval or via telephony.
Recruiting and contact management along with reminder notifications for a more efficient operation is included.

After reviewing all screens, if you don’t see something or some function that you will be needing, give us call, as we can more than likely build that into the system.


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User friendly, easy to learn and use menu driven screens. Ability to directly go to any physician, invoice, pay slip, facility or contact from any screen.